Everyone is on a never ending quest to find themselves.  You may be comfortable at certain points in your life with who and what you are, but we always find ourselves attempting reinvent ourselves.  This has become so much more apparent to me with people my age.  I scroll through my Twitter feed and I see the “fake deep” contrarians who think they have everything figured out, and post tweets as if they’ve stumbled upon some great social revelation.  I see the girl that has clearly been hurt too many times before, so much so that she has now begun to identify with the men that wronged her and is “going back to the old her.”  Then there are the woman haters.  The men that start most of their social media posts with phrases like: “a lot of y’all women need to (insert pretentious chauvinistic typical phrase here).”  They’ve been hurt once or twice by a few chicks that were trying to find themselves too, and by their reasoning all women are horrible creatures that are a curse upon the earth.

At any rate, the commonality amongst people trying to find themselves or figure life out is that there’s a lot of collateral damage incurred along the way.  As you try to mold yourself into who and what you want to be you come to discover that some people don’t fit into that ideal.  You outgrow some people, and some become disposable.  I realized that I, like many of my friends have fallen victim to this.  It’s ok to want to grow and evolve, and discover the best you that you can be, but keep in mind the people you hurt on that journey.  Some of us would prefer to be left off of that ride.  Just a thought.