Founder of fashion news site Buro 24/7, and former editor at Russian Harper’s Bazaar Miroslava Duma has the best outerwear of the season thus far.  I became a fan of hers last year via Instagram, and she hasn’t let me down since.  Known for her petite frame, Russian lineage, and sickening collection of high end designer clothing, her street style during fashion week reads like a spread in a glossy magazine. One thing that I noticed from observing her style is that she doesn’t have an extensive shoe collection, but she has key pairs that go with  most of her wardrobe, and they tend to be investment shoes.  It’s refreshing to see someone that has access to so much still keep it simple and dress smart.  She really allows her clothes to take front and center, and understandably so. PS she dresses her burgeoning baby bump in some of the best maternity style I’ve seen in a while. Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 11.25.37 PMPhoto: Instagram

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